Trinity Billing Solutions

TBS Disclosures 

Calls and communications to and from our office are recorded for training and  development of staff.  

By creating an online account or authorizing a pay agreement, you consent to receive  electronic communications from TBS including text, email, automated messaging, as well  as data exchange and messaging via the portal. If you do not consent to electronic  communications with PCM, do not continue. As an alternative, or to revoke any/all such  consent, contact us at 866.217.1674. 

Every attempt has been made to combine and present all of your accounts on the portal.  However, all obligations may not be present. Additional charges may be owed.  

When making a payment, you are redirected from our "" website to webpages  of our payment processing vendor-partner. TBS does not exclusively control content  beyond this site. 

Trinity Billing Solutions (TBS) partners with Nuvei Commerce to offer convenient and  secure electronic payments. Credit and debit card payments will be subject to a 3.5%  software fee and ACH (bank draft) payments will be subject to a $1.00 software fee. The fee  is separate from the underlying obligation and is subject to change. TBS does not receive  any part of the software fee charged by Nuvei Commerce. This fee is charged by the  payment processor and covers the cost of processing the payment transaction. Additional  payment options which do not incur payment processing software fees include a personal  check, cashier's check, or money order that can be mailed to our office at TBS, PO Box  1890, Jonesboro, AR 72403. 

TBS Portal Usage Terms and Conditions 

By clicking "I Agree" and providing your telephone number(s) you agree that Agency may  from time to time make calls, prerecorded or artificial voice calls, and/or send text  messages to you at any telephone number associated with your account about your  account and that could result in charges to you. The manner in which these calls or text  messages are made to you may include, but is not limited to, the use of automatic  telephone dialing system technology. You further agree that Agency may send e-mails to  you at any e-mail address you provide us or use other electronic means of communication  to the extent permitted by law. Consent may be revoked by any reasonable means! 

By clicking "I Agree", you consent to receiving any disclosures, writings, notices, and  documents legally required to be in writing via electronic means. This includes all present  and future disclosures, writings, or notices that we may provide in connection with your  account.  

You must have a computer or other access device such as cell phone, which can access  the Internet or a mobile browser to access and retain any records regarding your account.  Your system must have the ability to either download and save electronic copies on your  device or other external storage device or have the ability to print PDF files. You must have  a valid e-mail address and software to access it. Your access to this page verifies that your  system meets these requirements.  

You have a right to retain a printed copy of the requested file. You can obtain a paper copy  of these disclosures by downloading a copy or printing a copy through the "User Profile"  page under "My Account" on this website or by emailing us at email here.  

Changes to requirements: We will notify you if our hardware, software, and other system  requirements change.  

Maintain Valid Personal Information: It is important that you maintain a valid email  address, phone number, mailing address, and other account information so that we may  contact you regarding your account(s). You agree to maintain valid personal information  and promptly notify us of any changes to your personal information. For your security, we  may delay a change until we can verify requests received via mail, or an e-mail address  different from the one previously provided by you. You may update your personal  information online on the "Update Account Information" page under "My Account" on this  website or by contacting via phone.  

Request for Paper Statements, Disclosures, or Notices: You have a right to request this  information on paper. If you would like to receive a paper copy of any electronic presented  Communication or this Agreement, contact us at the address set forth below or call via  phone.  

Right to Withdraw Consent: You may withdraw your consent to electronic delivery of  Communications at any time through the "User Profile" page under "My Account" on this  website or by contacting via phone. There is no Fee or other consequence for withdrawing  consent, but previous information delivered electronically will be sent via mail to the  address on file.  

Acceptance: By accepting this Agreement, you agree that we have your affirmative  consent to provide account statements, disclosures, and notices to you in electronic form, 

also referred to as Communications, in lieu of paper form regarding your account and  confirming that your system meets the requirements set forth above.